October 19, 2018

I am the most serious sex worker ever. 

Which is also why I spent a solid 20 minutes playing “Catch the Dildo!” on cam with myself the other day. 

You only need to look at the outtakes of mine and Zelda’s porn to confirm this mentality. Or hell, even the videos themselve...

October 4, 2018

Slimy, slippery suckers, slithering over skin and coiling around your limbs, rendering you helpless, overstimulated, and completely at the whim of your monstrous lover…

Welcome to tentacle porn. 

I was into tentacle porn before I knew it was a thing. As a child I was alw...

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  1) Running your fingers across my right kneecap, you'll be surprised to find the texture is a little bumpy. I fell as a child and scraped it quite s...

ten things you won't know about me until you take my clothes off

June 13, 2018

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