girlfriend in the streets,

sex kitten in the sheets

preferred introduction - 1.5 hours (750)

Invite me to yours and lets relax over a glass of wine before getting down to the business of pleasure. A beautiful way to meet and let our chemistry collide - lets see if the sparks fly as I walk in the door, sit me down and introduce yourself to me, let me be a part of your life. Perfect for the newcomer, or old lovers reconnecting. 

dinner date - 2 hours dinner, 2 hours dessert (1500)

Food is one of my loves - why not let me share it with you? Suggest a restaurant and indulge in one of lifes finer pleasures with me, before we indulge in our carnal pleasures for dessert. Tease me under the table, flirt with me over drinks, and make me ache to get back to your room - waiting makes what comes after all the sweeter.

overnight - 14 hours, 5 hours sleep (3600)

For someone who just can't get enough. With the entire night ahead of us, there's no need to rush, and there's nothing like falling asleep with someone's arms wrapped around you (I dibs little spoon). Our possibilities are endless, and I hope you don't need to rush off in the morning - I've been told I can be quite distracting....

netflix and chill - 3 hours (1300)

I have an eclectic taste in film and love to snuggle against someone while indulging in the finer points of relaxation. Cold nights are best spent under covers, warming each other up. Let's spend a night in front of the TV together - I won't tell anyone if we have trouble staying focused. Bubblies on me.  

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