your very own personal pornstar

2 hours (preferred, 1000), 3 hours (1400), enquire for longer pricing.
award nominated "best PSE provider 2018"


I'm loud. Fair warning. ​

My PSE has me screaming in the bedroom, grabbing onto your hair and forcing you to fuck me rougher - I didn't get the reputation of "insatiable" for nothing. This is where you get the messy blowjobs, where you have me gagging as my mouth stretches around your cock. This is where you get to throw me on the bed and rip my clothes off, caught up in eager passion and raw desire. Play with my ass, pull my hair, have me spit dirty talk in your face as you spit on mine - I'm your little fantasy come to life, and you can treat me as rough as you dare to. Be assured. I'm more than happy to take it. 

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