August 15, 2018



Let’s get weird.


Macrophilia and microphilia are two sides of the same paraphilia. Just like a sadist complements a masochist, someone with microphilia complements a macrophile. Microphilia is the attraction to objects or people significantly smaller than you. Macrophilia is being aroused by the thought of people or objects significantly larger than you. 


I fall into the category of macrophilia. It’s a weird fetish, and one that’s almost impossible to play out in real life. I’m on the taller end of average for a woman, and while I have friends that are taller than me, having someone on the verge that I fantasise about is a physical impossibility. 


Lets take a step back for a moment and talk about bondage. It’s a relatively common kink - whether you desire to be bound by rope, metal, leather, or other objects - and it leaves the recipient helpless to defend themselves from being ravaged by others. 


Macrophilia is the same, just taken to an interesting place. Knowing that a giantess could stop me from running away with merely the flick of her finger, or encase my entire body in the palm of her hand, gives that same sense of helplessness that bondage does. The thought of staring up at someone and knowing that anything I try to do to get away is futile is incredibly arousing. Accepting your fate as a toy for the giantess to just play around with is the crux of this paraphilia for me. 


It also ties into objectification - one of my major kinks and another very common one a lot of people share. Consensually, I adore being treated as nothing but a toy to fuck and a set of holes to use (however, if you’re wanting to do this in a booking with me, please bring it up beforehand - consent and communication is key, and without it I’ll likely think you’re an asshole and blacklist you from my client list). My play partners commonly nickname me “toy” in an affectionate way, and it’s one of the driving forces behind a large majority of my fantasies. 


The size difference between me and a giantess also means there’s most likely relatively little I could do for her, sexually speaking, at least. Therefore the only reason for her to keep me around is to treat me like a toy, an object for her passing amusement. Couple that with the fact that it’s futile to escape from such a larger being, and you can see why I get wet. 


However, this fantasy is one I could never play out in real life. While there are those who get their rocks off from watching a tall friend play with a figurine, for me it does nothing and fails to evoke the key feeling of helplessness and being overpowered. Some people are happy with giantesses who are naturally quite tall (and believe me, I’m as happy as you are to have Tash in my life) - but the scale of the giantess in my fantasies forms a woman who cannot physically exist, it simply isn’t possible. 


This is why I spend so much time doing self reflection and really drilling into the core of these fantasies. I ache to know exactly what makes the fantasy work for me, and by examining a fetish/paraphilia that isn’t possible in real life, I can take the arousing things from it and make them work into a scene I can physically play out. For being helpless, I engage in heavy bondage. If I want to feel overpowered, I quite often do struggle scenes - wrestling with my partner on the floor, trying to overpower them and inevitably getting physically exhausted and left with their strong hands on mine, knowing there’s nowhere to go. 


The fantasies remain arousing however, and there’s a brilliant wealth of written text for me to go to on the internet whenever I feel like engaging with it. I have a hyperactive imagination, and in this case, it’s a good thing - reading well written stories about it is about as good as I’ll get to the real thing. 


But thankfully I can also experience exactly what arouses me in real life, too. 

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