Watersports and Piss Play

September 13, 2018


“Ew gross who the fuck wants to get pissed on?”


*raises hand* Me! Pick me!

Urination - as much as it seems taboo - is actually a pretty “normal” kink to have. It often ties in with degradation and humiliation, particularly if the receiver is drinking the piss, but sometimes they just like the sensation of it. It’s one of the gifts of ultimate submission for me, knowing that I’m receiving somebody’s bodily waste, a complete byproduct of their system. Piss is something that we don’t talk about, that we do in private, behind closed doors, and how taboo it is makes it pretty erotic for a lot of people - like most of kink, when we think about it.


You can drink piss and you’ll be fine, particularly if your partner is STI free. Be careful not to get it in your eyes, or you can get pinkeye. If any gets in your ears, wash it out straight away - I’ve heard it can fester and cause a hell of an infection. If the giver does have HSV2 or hepatitis B, there is a small theoretical possibility it can be transferred onto the receiver if it hits an open wound on the skin. If the giver currently has gonorrhoea or chlamydia, drinking the urine could - in theory - cause the infections to develop in the throat of the receiver, though I’m yet to hear of this actually happening. Always keep up to date on your STI status and your partners - one of the benefits of hiring an escort is that we’re generally pretty on top of this sort of stuff, and we know our risks. 


Generally speaking though, you’re fine to drink it, though I’d feel like I was shirking my ethical duty if I didn’t include a paragraph about the theoretical safety implications. If you want to drink piss, or you want someone to drink your piss, make sure that you alter your diet in the days leading up to it. It’s not a huge thing, but we’ve all witnessed what comes out of our uretha after a night of heavy drinking - and it’s not pretty. Particularly for first time players, and if you’re playing with someone new, try and be considerate and make it as similar to water as you can - foul tasting piss might be someone’s thing, but it’s pretty rude to spring it onto someone without negotiation or expectation. Lay off asparagus for a few days, spend a couple of days completely sober or only very lightly drinking, and stay well hydrated so you have enough water in your bladder to actually complete the golden shower. If you’re a healthy human, your piss should be clear or with only trace amounts of yellow in it anyway - us bottoms are just helping you ensure you’re properly hydrated! 


When it comes to golden showers, I’m actually pee-shy. Sometimes I struggle to pee in front of people, but I’ve gotten over it in recent times. The first step was peeing on someone while they were blindfolded, so I knew they couldn’t see me and it took the pressure off a bit - and heightened the experience for them, a lot. The next step is making sure I really, really had to pee. In contrast to what I just said, I’ll often walk into the booking and have a glass of wine with them, after water loading earlier in the day - the small amount of alcohol helps my bladder to function, and it doesn’t actually affect the taste, scent, or look of the piss given I’ve been incredibly well hydrated for the past few days. It only serves to tell my body “okay, we’re peeing now and I don’t care how we’re doing it”. The next time I pissed on someone, I did so with them looking at me and loving it the entire time. These days I swap between blindfolding my bottoms and not, all depending on what they want. 


God bless the world for tiled bathrooms. 


Seriously. Don’t piss on carpet. Or a bed, unless you have rubber sheets and can clean it. The easiest way, particularly for drinking piss, is for me to sit on the bathroom bench and you kneeling on the ground - just be careful not to slip when we get up at the end. The other way is you kneeling in the shower and me standing over you, using my fingers to adjust how my vulva is sitting and therefore aim the golden spray at you, but I find that a little less accurate. It all depends on what you want. If you want to piss on me? Shower all the way. I’ll never forgive penises for being so easy to aim with - those with vulvas have it a lot harder than you do. 


My preferred position as a receiver is kneeling in the bathroom, facing away from you, and having you hit my neck and back with it. I’m very particular in how I receive piss, I’m not into drinking it and so carefully keep it away from my face. I find it very erotic not looking at you while you’re doing it, as it means it always comes of a bit of a surprise, and adds to my ability to just focus on receiving your piss, rather than potentially being distracted if I was to face you. I love the back as a marking thing - I’m not sure what it is, but having it aimed at the nape of my neck and dripping down onto my back is incredibly erotic, some kind of primal instinct kicking in as you’ve marked me as yours.


Oddly enough, “marking” is how I first got into the kink. I read a lot of werewolf fiction as a teenager, which ended up in a lot of written erotica where the wolves mark each other with their piss as a sign of ownership and submission. I’ve masturbated a lot to the idea of being forced to piss, of a guy watching me humiliate and debase myself. I’ve gotten particularly into omorashi - the desperation behind needing to piss and not being allowed to, of being force-fed water until you’re crying and begging and still not allowed to piss, until eventually you wet yourself and are humiliated and embarrassed. I love being pissed on as a humiliation and degradation thing, as “you’re only worth my piss, you’re worth as much as the toilet” is an incredibly hot thought to me. I love it just as an erotic and loving warm sensation shared between two partners. 


Giving a golden shower? I’m really into being eaten out while I do it. I need that sensation in my life every day, my god. Like I said earlier, I’m into blindfolding the partner and surprising them with it, making it so they can only focus on the sensation of receiving my urine. I also really enjoy the power play of them being under me and me standing over them - logistics dictates it has to work this way after all! I find the sensation of peeing really erotic in general, so to be able to share that with someone gets me so fucking wet. 


Honestly? I’m into it. I’m into it from a lot of different angles, in a lot of different ways, and I love exploring it under a lot of different frameworks. It’s one of my most commonly requested kinks, it’s a super common kink to have, and after writing all this out - well, it’s not difficult to see why. 


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