September 29, 2018



Holy shit, branding is not my strong point. 


Occasionally I look at my tweets and my website and think I should push my branding in a certain direction. Sometimes it’s more kink related, sometimes it’s more ‘classy GFE’ style, but I definitely know there’s work to do there. 


And then I get horny and tweet about my desire to suck dicks all day long. 


I actually studied marketing at university a couple of years ago. I’d like to say it was interesting. I dropped out after I did an entire unit just based on the costs of transporting goods via trucks which somehow related to a full marketing plan. 


I have ground knowledge of marketing. I’m keen to start my own business selling goods one day and apply it to that. 


However, I find my marketing knowledge difficult to translate to my escorting career. Escorting is something very intensely personal to me. I’m spending time with you in an intimate setting - clothes on or off - divulging secrets about my life and holding you while you spill yours. I’m getting to know every part of you that you allow me to be privy to - you indulge my curiosity and satiate your need for understanding and empathy. We connect on a level not seen in vanilla jobs - emotionally, physically, and intimately. However long we stay together, whatever we do, we know each other when it comes to part ways. 


It’s like building a friendship, of sorts. But generally with orgasms. The best kind.


(Sidenote: I’m writing this while I’ve been medically ordered to take a month off sex thanks to getting my tonsils out. Is it showing?)


Because of this, I struggle to step back and think of my “brand”. When I’m getting fucked by you, or being taken out and wined and dined, or simply snuggling in as we watch the sun set together, my main priority isn’t “how does my reaction fall in line with my marketing and branding?” My priority is "let me show you a fucking amazing time and have a real human connection".


There are escorts who are brilliant at marketing and branding. They manage to juggle it all, and I tip my hat to them - I have no idea how they do it. The point of this piece isn’t to judge them and say that their genuineness, their honesty, their service is lesser because their branding is superior. 


No, those escorts manage to do it and work it in seemingly effortlessly - they have a gift. 


However, I know for me that if I try and focus on my brand, my service suffers. My emotional state suffers - I like to be raw and honest about my desires at each time of the day, whether it’s a pretty new thing I’ve come across, my need to suck a dick right now, or if I’m struggling a bit and reaching out for support. Pushing back parts of myself has never worked for me. I’ve tweeted and deleted, only to tweet the exact same thing later because fuck branding, I want to be honest with you. I want you to know the real me, and I need the freedom to express the real me with you. 


I am all about communication and brutal honesty. If something we’re doing isn’t working, I’ll let you know. I have tact, but I won’t lie to you. I can be discreet - if anyone asks “oh, whats the name of your latest client, I want to know them?” I won’t hesitate to tear into them and then cut them out of my life - but between you and me? There are no secrets. I divulge my own to you and guard those you let me in on.


However, my innate need to share pieces of myself probably does contribute to a bit of a mess of a brand. I’m willing to accept this now. Life is messy and people are messy and I’m no exception - and I won’t hold back bits of myself just to create a coherent brand. 


For better or for worse, you get the real me. Including putting up with my photos of cats, my pretty new finds - and yes, my overwhelming desire to suck a dick right now. 


But hey. Messy branding is worth it in order to be real and honest with you.

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