February 5, 2019

 Foot fetishes are as ubiquitous as they are baffling - for those who are into them, it seems like the most normal thing in the world. For those who aren’t, it seems the same as finding a pinky finger sexy, or someone’s right ear - they’re very confused by it. 


My first metamour (partner of my partner) and someone who I had my first sexual experience with had a foot fetish. Feet and sex became linked in my brain - the first time I felt cum on my body, it was on the soles of my feet. 


We talked a lot about it, I’ve always had an incessant need to understand, particularly when it comes to matters of sex. The closest explanation we settled on is that some people had the wires crossed in their brain, and some didn’t. 


Now, I don’t have a foot fetish myself, but a lot of people think I do. I’m very into having my feet worshipped, from having a tongue licking my soles to someone gently sucking each individual toe into their mouth. It stems from the larger fetish of body worship - when someone holds me as this reverent queen, and shows their appreciation for all parts of me, not just my conventionally attractive features. I adore being worshipped and treated like a queen, and having someone quite literally under my feet is part of that. 


You’ll get the same reaction from me whether you worship my hands, my elbows, my underarms, or my feet. I’m quite used to having my tits sucked on, or my cunt eaten out. But there are few people who go the extra mile and worship every aspect of my body. 


So, for me, foot fetishes stem from the greater body worship. The sensation is nice, the power trip is lovely, and it sends me into a blissful headspace. 


For those wanting to push a little further, however, foot fetishes can be turned into something degrading and humiliating. One of my fondest topping memories is when I won a slave in a role-play auction, and immediately had him drop to his hands and knees as I used him as a footstool, digging the spikes of my shoes into his back as he willingly obeyed. Having a man quite literally under my feet was one of the most intoxicating power trips I’ve ever been on, and I’m eager for a taste for more. 


I’ve dabbled lightly in trampling, to the best of my knowledge and ability - I’m not going to engage in anything unsafe that I haven’t been properly trained in. However, I’ve had someone lay under me as I sat in a chair next to them, gently applying pressure with my feet and increasing the force throughout the session. I remember shifting more and more of my body weight onto him, looking down at him, laughing in sadistic glee, and watching him be so thankful for the experience as my foot pressed further and further into him. 


I’ve pushed my feet into a guys face and taunted them for liking it, forced my toes into their mouth and cackled as they struggled to get their tongue around each of them. I’ve pressed both my feet onto their face and pushed as I shifted them, moving their features around and watching them struggle. I’ve taunted him for having such a disgusting fetish, calling them weird and awful, saying that they even weird me out and they’re lucky to have me play with them, before I jammed my heel into their mouth to shut them up.


It’s an effective fetish to pair with degradation and humiliation. And I do so love humiliating people…


No matter how hard you wish to go, feet and sex are something inextricably linked in my mind, due to my formative sexual experiences. While I do tend towards the domme side on this particular kink, I have played with submission and feet, however I do so exceptionally carefully, prenegotiated and with strict rules around it.


Whether I’m laughing while using you as a footstool, or simply laying there as you worship them, foot play sends me into the most intoxicating, powerful, reverent headspace. And well, I wouldn’t say no to having my feet pampered more often. 



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