Life Update - February Recap

March 8, 2019


Will I ever stop being busy? All signs point to no. 


What have you missed in the life of me? Well, Sydney was absolutely glorious, including that one time I accidentally got booked while eating breakfast in the wrong place (bedhead, no makeup, and no coffee is attractive to some, I've realised!). I took some time out to enjoy the sights, got to see Alita: Battle Angel in cinemas which was a trip and a half, and was incredibly busy otherwise, in and out of the bedroom. 


Canberra was lovely to tour for the first time! From the gentle spanking to the giggling while asking Sir to hurt me more, from holding someone for an hour to the rough PSE right after that - it was full of variety and I was never kept bored for long. I have to admit, there's not many sights in Canberra for me to see, but I took one night off to go dancing, right before I was dancing on top of someone else the next morning...



I've been blessed with the incredible opportunity to keep creating content with Jaiden Lillith, here are the videos you've missed:


Hotel Bed Cum: I'm in a hotel room so what's the first thing I do? Masturbate, of course! My typical, casual self, featuring one of my favourite orgasms of all time. Enjoy!


Risky Balcony Cum: I've managed to find myself a balcony and I can't help but resist to show myself off on it. Hoping no one sees but you, I peel down my dress to reveal the black bra I'm wearing, before pulling the skirt up and showing you my panties. I turn around and show you my ass, feeling frisky and playful, before it gets to me - I simply must cum. Hitching my skirt up, forgetting about the possibility of other people seeing, I grab a small vibrator and press it against my clit, sighing in relief at how good it feels. My top stays pulled down and I pull my tits out of my bra so you have a full view of my body as I get closer and closer to orgasm. Finally, I cum, powerfully and intensely, and laugh at what I just did. I think I rather like this little balcony here, don't you?


AirBNB Solo Pussy Fuck: A fun little video I filmed in an AirBNB - away from prying eyes. I strip for you, slowly, having fun with it all, before I bring out a brand new green vibrator and proceed to test it out for the first time by fucking my hairy pussy. Safe to say, I think it gets a tick.


Eating Pizza Off My Tits: The hottest thing about this video is the oil searing my nipples. Me talking, dressed in panties, eating pizza off my tits. It had to be done. [MY FAVOURITE]


Messy Ring Gag Blowjob w/ Jaiden Lillith: I never knew Jaiden was such a fan of messy blowjobs until I showed them a ring gag I purchased the other day. He quickly has me on my knees, kneeling in front of a cross, gagging and drooling all over his cock. The gag holds my mouth open so he can easily shove his cock in it whenever he wants, and he takes great advantage of that, shoving it in and out of my mouth repeatedly. The drool quickly forms, strings of it from his cock to my mouth, pooling and running down all over my body, and he scoops it up and shoves it back in my mouth. After enough of using my face-hole, as he delightfully takes to calling it, he fucks my tits before jerking off and cumming all over my tits and in my mouth


Gamer Girl: I'm trying to play my Switch but I keep dying in this dungeon! It's hot in here, maybe taking my shirt off will help....nope, dead again. I finally decide to just give up and focus on what's really got me distracted - I'm unbearably horny. A vibrator to my clit and a nJoy in my pussy will surely help, right? I have a lovely close up squirting orgasm before deciding to give myself a clit orgasm as well, just in case. Maybe now I can beat that dungeon...


Golden Shower with Jaiden Lillith: I want a shower. What shower? A golden shower! Jaiden happily obliges, splashing his piss all over my body as I laugh and giggle. It seems to go on and on forever...until he's suddenly done. What should we do now? Well, I think being fucked covered in his own piss sounds like a pretty great idea. He starts to finger my pussy on the floor of the shower, before shoving his cock in it and making me scream. I'm laughing the entire time, happy, blissed out, and we transition to doggy before he grabs my hips, thrusting harder and harder as he cums inside of me. Pretty sure I need a normal shower now..


Other Life

I'm back at university, and even though I'm studying part time so I can focus on work, my classes are keeping me pretty busy. I'm the epitome of a nerd girl right now, and I'm absolutely loving it. I received my results from summer semester and achieved a distinction, so I'm very proud of myself right now. 


I also was impulsive at my hairdresser yesterday, so I have bright new hair now. It's very different. I hope y'all love it - I'm shooting with Mischief Lane this week to get some new photos, and we've got some cool concepts I'm very excited about. 


Other than that, I'll be touring Hobart 4-8 this month, and I have space for two bookings in Sydney between the 19-26th. 


I don't think I'll ever stop being a busy little bee..




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