collared submissive, at your every whim

1.5 hours (950), 2 hours (1100, preferred), 3 hours (1600), enquire for longer pricing.
award nominated "best fetish and fantasy provider 2018"


There's nothing I love more about giving up control. Exploring the "masochist" part of "sadomasochism" makes me so utterly vulnerable when we're together, begging you for more. Having a collar around my neck just suits me so well, and with a leash to pull on it while you're fucking me - well, it's more than a fantasy to me. My ass is perfectly rounded for a good spanking, flogging, caning...whatever impact toy you like, and I have plenty to bring if you're needing inspiration. I enjoy forays into the darker side of kink as well, and there's very little I don't do - degrade me with your piss, taunt me while I'm under your feet, pull my hair, drag my naked body on the's totally up to you and I love every part of it.